Dessert Crawling

Sometimes you make friends that are so similar to you that it could be detrimental to your wallet. Let me introduce you to Christina. For her birthday she said two words- dessert crawl.

The only information I needed was when and where.

We took a DiDi out to HLCC in Suzhou to start off our afternoon. We made it just in time to watch Chinese Star Search and check out some of the surrounding Chinese New Year decorations.

They said I’m too old to try out but some of these kids look like they are in college! One day. I’m on that stage.

While waiting to get started I found the candy man! He made Zodiac sugar pops and it was so amazing watching him blow up their little bodies.

And we were off!

First Stop: Arlio

Here we had macaroons and adorable cakes. Also. Tea. You must have tea. And it was DELICIOUS. I was so sad to have to rush the tea so we could make it to the next stop.

Second Stop: Watermelon Ice Cream and Mochi

Alright, so I don’t know the name of this place. So shoot me. All you have to do is cross the street from HLCC and find this delicious treat in the basement of 久光 . It’s a watermelon taco with watermelon ice cream made with freshly squeezed watermelon juice. You’re welcome.

We headed right to the next kiosk to pick up some mochi. I will learn to like mochi if it’s the last thing I do.

Third Stop: Donuts and Shaved Ice

After that, we picked up a quick snack before catching a DIiDi and going to Suzhou Center. Of course, we had to hit up Dunkin’ Donuts! I left them for breakfast the next morning. Made Monday a little more bearable.

Right next door is where you need to go to get some super soft shaved ice! It’s like snow in your mouth. I also found a cake with my favorite combination! Rose and lychee.

It was so great to go around with someone who knew where places are (and speaks Chinese), even if she will make me a pauper soon.

Of course, there is a video! Yay

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