That One Time I Didn’t Leave China: Daily Experiences in the Midst of Coronavirus

Hi Everyone! I’m Christina and I work with Bri in China. This was the first holiday that I’ve decided to stay in the country I work in for a long holiday and lo and behold: Coronavirus. Officially I can now say that staying at home for about 23 hours a day for the third weekContinue reading “That One Time I Didn’t Leave China: Daily Experiences in the Midst of Coronavirus”

Black in China: Sifting for Everyday Small Talk

Our 5 day train adventure has been in the works for months. It’s difficult to plan extended trips with others, but nothing compares to planning a trip with someone living across the world. Time zones and work schedules have to be worked around. Tons of picture messages and links of places to stay and thingsContinue reading “Black in China: Sifting for Everyday Small Talk”

Hot Springs, Hot Beds

Let me tell you about this amazing place is Suzhou. Things were really hectic for the first two months in China. Between getting settled in, organizing a new classroom (I still haven’t posted that video), and learning a new curriculum, my brain and body had had enough.  When I first arrived, my friend told meContinue reading “Hot Springs, Hot Beds”

Mooncakes and Lanterns

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival… last weekend.  I’m still a little behind but I’m getting it together.  For Mid-Autumn festival, we went to Zhouzuang ancient watertown in Suzhou to see the lantern festival.  I can’t wait to explore there during the day so I can see all the rivers and bridges, and ride one of the boats.Continue reading “Mooncakes and Lanterns”