Chinese New Year at Yuyuan Garden

After Disney, Helene left me for Taiwan (insert crying emoji) and I hopped in a DiDi to explore the other side of Shanghai. Hotel I stayed at Zhotels on West Nanjing Road. The room was small and nicely set up for a quick single person trip and I don’t know if I was still exhaustedContinue reading “Chinese New Year at Yuyuan Garden”

Mooncakes and Lanterns

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival… last weekend.  I’m still a little behind but I’m getting it together.  For Mid-Autumn festival, we went to Zhouzuang ancient watertown in Suzhou to see the lantern festival.  I can’t wait to explore there during the day so I can see all the rivers and bridges, and ride one of the boats.Continue reading “Mooncakes and Lanterns”