Jinxi Ancient Watertown

The second part of our strawberry picking day was a trip to Jinxi Watertown. We just wandered around the area, happy to follow people who knew where they are going and who speak Chinese. We started off trying “fruit roll up popsicles,” at least that’s what we named them. They were delicious but so fullContinue reading “Jinxi Ancient Watertown”

Culture and Heritage P.3: Our Heritage Project and Culture Quilts

As a summative assessment for our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, each student completed a Heritage project.  This project was completed completely at home with the help of family members.  I loved how well it worked with our unit and allowed them to look a little deeper at themselves and their personal heritage.Continue reading “Culture and Heritage P.3: Our Heritage Project and Culture Quilts”

Culture and Heritage P.2: Festivals

The culture and heritage part of our Who We Are unit overlapped two major Chinese holidays- Mid Autumn Festival and Golden Week.  Because of this, I thought it would be fitting to look at festivals. After brainstorming some important festivals, which wasn’t hard because we had talked about many already to investigate Chinese culture, IContinue reading “Culture and Heritage P.2: Festivals”

Culture and Heritage Pt.1

After we finished our study on communities, our class branched out to look at culture.  This is when we were really able to look at our transdisciplinary theme: Who we are is influenced by our cultural heritage I thought communities were fun!  This turned out even better! To begin, we had to answer a necessaryContinue reading “Culture and Heritage Pt.1”

Communities P.3: Presentations and Reflections

The groups had been working so hard over the last couple of weeks I really wanted them to present their work to the class.  I sprung the presentations on them without much notice and they took it all in stride.  I knew that speaking in front of the class was difficult for them and itContinue reading “Communities P.3: Presentations and Reflections”

Communities P.2: Building

My students never cease to amaze me.  Despite the fact that all of their instruction is in their second language, they do an excellent job of getting their higher level observations across without depending on our co-teacher for translation.  Because of their enthusiasm, I have found it hard to choose which part of the inquiryContinue reading “Communities P.2: Building”

Communities P.1: Planning

Discussing communities was the second part of our unit of inquiry “Who We Are.” After our discussion on family, we broadened our focus and asked: Where do families live? Brainstorming, as usual, was our first step.  Once we figured out the definition of community, we narrowed our focus to three types of communities- city, suburb,Continue reading “Communities P.1: Planning”

Who We Are

I can’t say enough how excited I am to be teaching at an IB school.  We are currently transitioning into the PYP program and I am so excited!  I can’t wait to learn more about inquiry and IB learning in primary, having gone through the diploma program myself. In preparation for our inquiry units, IContinue reading “Who We Are”