Chinese New Year at Jing’an Temple

Day two of Chinese New Year started with a search for open restaurants for breakfast. We found KFC of course. Then made our way down to Jing’an Temple. It is a beautiful temple hidden in the middle of the business district. There were many people praying and lighting incense sticks, but there weren’t as manyContinue reading “Chinese New Year at Jing’an Temple”

Six Month Check- In: China Travel Bucketlist

I can’t believe it’s been six months since I moved to Kunshan. The time has really flown by, soon it will be the end of the school year. I have had some really fun and exciting times as well as some lonely and difficult times. I have not had a meltdown yet and have notContinue reading “Six Month Check- In: China Travel Bucketlist”

Chinese New Year at Yuyuan Garden

After Disney, Helene left me for Taiwan (insert crying emoji) and I hopped in a DiDi to explore the other side of Shanghai. Hotel I stayed at Zhotels on West Nanjing Road. The room was small and nicely set up for a quick single person trip and I don’t know if I was still exhaustedContinue reading “Chinese New Year at Yuyuan Garden”

Mouse Lanterns

I decided to start off this Chinese New Year break with a trip to Disneyland. I mean. Why not. So, of course, my main French- Canadian ride or die joined me. Hotel We stayed at one of the Hanting hotels, Hanting Zhoupu, near Disney. IT was just a short walk from the metro station. First,Continue reading “Mouse Lanterns”

Jinxi Ancient Watertown

The second part of our strawberry picking day was a trip to Jinxi Watertown. We just wandered around the area, happy to follow people who knew where they are going and who speak Chinese. We started off trying “fruit roll up popsicles,” at least that’s what we named them. They were delicious but so fullContinue reading “Jinxi Ancient Watertown”

Hot Springs, Hot Beds

Let me tell you about this amazing place is Suzhou. Things were really hectic for the first two months in China. Between getting settled in, organizing a new classroom (I still haven’t posted that video), and learning a new curriculum, my brain and body had had enough.  When I first arrived, my friend told meContinue reading “Hot Springs, Hot Beds”