Sleeper Train Adventures: The Great Wall Off the Beaten Path Jiankou Section

We arrived in Beijing at 7 am, after twelve and a half hours on our sleeper train from Xi’an. We headed straight to Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City. But, I’m just going to skip right past our morning around there and get straight to the fun stuff. The Great Wall of China. Cue travelContinue reading “Sleeper Train Adventures: The Great Wall Off the Beaten Path Jiankou Section”

Sleeper Train Adventures:Day trip to Xi’an

Long distance trains are my favorite means of travel. I don’t have to drive, but I still have the freedom of making all the stops I want. Sleeper trains offer the same flexibility, with the added benefit of not having to pay for a place to sleep. Our train ride from Kunshan was ten andContinue reading “Sleeper Train Adventures:Day trip to Xi’an”

Black in China: Sifting for Everyday Small Talk

Our 5 day train adventure has been in the works for months. It’s difficult to plan extended trips with others, but nothing compares to planning a trip with someone living across the world. Time zones and work schedules have to be worked around. Tons of picture messages and links of places to stay and thingsContinue reading “Black in China: Sifting for Everyday Small Talk”

Spring Disney Inspirational Run

This past weekend I finally got back to running. Between experiencing my first actual winter and avoiding air pollution, it has been difficult to get outside and run. I have been looking forward to this run for months, especially after watching the Kunshan Marathon a few weeks ago. This is the first run where IContinue reading “Spring Disney Inspirational Run”

Four Days in Ubud: Day 4 – 5 Things to See at Monkey Forest

My last day in Ubud was simple. I woke up late and enjoyed a relaxing morning in the bungalow. There wasn’t much to prepare for the day because I had a really simple plan- take my camera on a field trip to Monkey Forest. That’s all. I just wanted to have some uninterrupted alone timeContinue reading “Four Days in Ubud: Day 4 – 5 Things to See at Monkey Forest”

Four Days in Ubud: Day 3- Waterfalls and Elephant Cave

Day three in Ubud started just as early as day two. I always try to get to popular places before the tourists arrive. That means getting up early. I can say it was much easier to do that in my bungalow, at Dragonfly Village, thanks to the roosters and ducks. Today was the day forContinue reading “Four Days in Ubud: Day 3- Waterfalls and Elephant Cave”

Four Days in Ubud: Day 2 -Blue Lagoon

Day two in Ubud started off early. Really early. So early even the roosters were looking at me like. “You have at least 30 more minutes.” I got up and threw beach essentials into my bag and dragged myself down the mountain just as the sun was rising. We headed out to Blue Lagoon atContinue reading “Four Days in Ubud: Day 2 -Blue Lagoon”

Four Days in Ubud: Day 1- Ubud Center

To finish off the New Year vacation, I took a short trip to Ubud. It was so great to get somewhere warm and enjoy lots of amazing food! Four days was enough time for me to realize I need to plan another extended trip to Bali. I arrived in Ubud at night and was droppedContinue reading “Four Days in Ubud: Day 1- Ubud Center”

Chinese New Year at Jing’an Temple

Day two of Chinese New Year started with a search for open restaurants for breakfast. We found KFC of course. Then made our way down to Jing’an Temple. It is a beautiful temple hidden in the middle of the business district. There were many people praying and lighting incense sticks, but there weren’t as manyContinue reading “Chinese New Year at Jing’an Temple”