Month: May 2019

Sleeper Train Adventures: Two Mountain Hotels with Great Views

We woke up early on our second day in Beijing to make our way back down to the city and catch our afternoon train to Hangzhou. Waking up to the view of the Great Wall outside our window really made me question our decision to no stay an extra night. However we had to make our train because we had nonrefundable tickets for the Impressions show on West Lake and wouldn’t be able to go a different night.

I figured I would use this post to show off the two great places we stayed in Beijing and Hangzhou. Our Beijing hostel host was just the sweetest. You can read more about her and our stay in at Yijing Bashan Hostel in my post about our hike along the Jiankou Great Wall Section.

Before we left the hostel, I took full advantage of the fact that my pajamas matched the room. I set up the tripod to the rolling eyes of Jackie packing up in the background. Don’t worry. I made her pose for some too.

Āyí had a light Chinese breakfast waiting for us that morning, so we sat down to eat before or 8 o’clock pick up. If I would have known traffic was going to be so heavy I would have had us leave a few minutes earlier. Like always we were rushing to catch our train to Hangzhou, but we made it.

After six and a half hours, we arrived in Hangzhou with 2 hours until our lake show began. We had JUST enough time to catch a Didi to our hotel on the rice terraces, drop our bags off, and catch another Didi to West Lake. Our hotel in Hangzhou, Sansu Hotel, was located along the tea terraces (because where else would I stay.)

When we arrived, there was someone waiting for us at the Sansu Mural to help us find our way along the alley to the entrance.

It’s a small hotel with about seven rooms and an atmosphere that just makes you want find a corner and read. The women who work were friendly and helpful when we needed. Also they always had an evening snack for me.

We couldn’t enjoy our hotel the first night, but after our long outing the next morning, we called it an early night. Which means there was plenty of daylight left. So of course I changed clothes and took more pictures.

If you have never set your camera up and treated yourself to a photo shoot, do it. One of the things I promised when I moved was to be in front of the camera more, instead of just behind it. It has definitely changed the way I see my new environments and how I see myself.

Sleeper Train Adventures: