Four Days in Ubud: Day 2 -Blue Lagoon

Day two in Ubud started off early. Really early. So early even the roosters were looking at me like. “You have at least 30 more minutes.” I got up and threw beach essentials into my bag and dragged myself down the mountain just as the sun was rising.

We headed out to Blue Lagoon at 6:30 because we wanted to get there before the crowd. After a much needed morning nap, we made it to the beach a little before 8. We successfully shut down our driver and his friend who was trying to sell us a day package day trip to different snorkeling areas and FINALLY got to Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a beautiful hidden spot a short walk away from a little village. It must be explored in the early morning. When we arrived at 8 am there were only two people there. One already snorkeling and another just arriving. After inquiring about snorkel gear, we were told to walk down to the village for a cheaper rental than the lagoon cafe that hadn’t opened yet. We headed back down the mountain and had a quick bite to eat and found a little stand selling masks and flippers.

I rented my mask for 50,000 IDR and my friend got the set for 100,000 IDR. We were told repeatedly how much it cost if we didn’t bring them back and acknowledged that we understood. Multiple times. Then we made our way back up the hill.

I could not wait to get in the water. It is absolutely beautiful and serene.

If you are looking for coral and fish, you don’t have to look much farther than the shore. Also, after speaking with one of the men who has been there for 25 years, we learned that if we had gone out just as we arrived in the morning, we could have caught the stingray heading out after a night of hunting. I have already added this spot as my #1 redo on my next trip. I know what to do and where exactly to go now so I will be prepared.

I love snorkeling and Blue Lagoon is the place for it. There is a perfect path on the left side of the lagoon that allows you to get underwater quickly. As soon as you are in, look around. There will be plenty to see! Early in the morning, the water is clear and the fish are busy! I had my GoPro and recorded some of it, but I really just wanted to enjoy the calm and beauty of the moment. I let the water carry me around and out, where there the water became colder and deeper. It was amazing. Various sizes and colors of fish and coral. My favorite was a large rock in the middle of an open area covered in life.

I could have stayed out there all day. But by 10 o’clock it was time to call it a day. The dock full of people we passed on our way to the lagoon had arrived in hoards. Boats were driving straight up to the beach causing stronger currents, crowding the area, and decreasing visibility. After a short while, I found myself almost swimming into the size of a boat or seeing nothing but sand and sticks. The beautiful paradise from the morning had been ruined.

I sat on the deck of the Warung Shanti that sits on the cliff next to the Lagoon. More and more tourists came in, followed by locals selling wares and massages. After a short while of enjoying the sun and having lunch overlooking the water, it was time to go.


We had ordered a car through the hotel to get to the beach, but I left that morning with the intention of finding a cheaper way home. It wasn’t hard. There are plenty of stalls for renting snorkel gear, for taking day trips our to scuba dive, and for getting back to major cities. For 75,000 IDR, I got a ticket back to the center of Ubud. The trip was quick and easy and dropped us off right outside Monkey Forest. It was just a simple walk back to my bungalow up the mountain.


Dragonfly Village

I got back to the bungalow at 4. Which is way too early to call it a day, but too late to do something new if you like to avoid tourists. While determining what I was going to get into, thunder started rolling. I knew then I was done for the day. I decided to do something I have never done, but always said I would try. I changed clothes, set up my new tripod, opened all the doors and windows (because there is a limited amount of light in the hut), and had a photo shoot.

For someone who is usually behind the camera, this was very difficult for me. It is easy to tell others how to sit and pose, then move where you need for the perfect shot. When you are alone you have to think about too much. The biggest issue for me was the limited amount of light (I still struggle with lighting anyway), the height of my tripod (I brought the one that’s like a foot tall), and using the timer (THE REMOTE I BROUGHT WAS DEAD!)

It was tough, they aren’t perfect, but I they were a learning experience and I love them! They also helped me learn to love myself a little more.

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