Month: February 2019

Four Days in Ubud: Day 4 – 5 Things to See at Monkey Forest

My last day in Ubud was simple. I woke up late and enjoyed a relaxing morning in the bungalow. There wasn’t much to prepare for the day because I had a really simple plan- take my camera on a field trip to Monkey Forest.

That’s all.

I just wanted to have some uninterrupted alone time observing primate behavior and documenting it through photos. I mean, I wasn’t asking for much and I got exactly what I wanted.

I love Monkey Forest. It’s another collection of beautiful temples with the added benefit of entertaining monkeys. If you are unsure of whether you should add this super touristy destination to your Ubud list, just do it. I will be going every time I visit. It helps if you go in the morning when the monkeys are less testy and feisty rather than later in the day. You can also avoid more tourists at this time too.

DO NOT BRING FOOD OR WATER BOTTLES AND KEEP YOUR BAGS SECURED. I mean seriously. It’s not ok seeing monkeys chewing on lipstick.

10 Things to See at Monkey Forest

1. Monkeys on statues

And monkey statues…

2. Monkeys eating

Do not feed the monkeys (TRASH).

3. Baby Monkeys!

Aaawwwwwwww. They are so busy. Poor moms.

4. Monkeys Relaxing

Being a monkey is hard. So many yawns.

4. Monkeys grooming

I need friends like this in my life.

5. Monkeys Watching Other Monkeys

Don’t let a fight break out. Monkeys everywhere grabbing some popcorn and getting a good seat.

Monkey forest is a must do. So zip up your bag, put away your loose items, and go. Just don’t fall for the monkeys that jump on your shoulder. It’s a con. While you are mesmerized by fluffy cuteness, there is another monkey behind you unzipping your bag.

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